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Filing Your Tax Return

Filing your taxes

This year brings many new changes to the tax code. But have no fear, we have it nailed down. The changes were so many and so vast that IRS is still issuing guidance to date. Filing your tax return this year may not be as simple as making a cup of coffee for some but for us, it is just that. In Kamiah, ID we are also providing a simple solution to the headache of figuring out your taxes. Our preparation fees start at $89 for the return and end there if you only have regular job income to report, no itemization, and not other dependents.

So how much should you pay to have your taxes done? Well, let's see. According to H&R Block, that only $119 minimum but could cost you as much as $250 if you have dependents and other credits. If you feel you are paying too much when you file your taxes in Kamiah, Kooskia, Stites, Harpster, or Orofino, then come see us. We provide professional tax preparation service at a very reasonable price. How can we beat out our competitors? Because we don't have a lot of overhead and we don't pay high fees to a franchise. In our Kamiah, ID accounting and tax preparation office, we don't have to pay these fees because we are a family owned business. While we currently have just the Kamiah, ID location, the individual and business tax preparation services we offer are priced so that you can come in, drop off your tax return, pick it up same day or within three days and pay only $89. Even if you have dependents and qualify for the Earned Income Credit, you will still pay less by filing with us.

Come see Vilensky & Company and put more money in your pocket this tax season!

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