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Will Tax Refunds be Delayed?

Well, it looks like the government is still shutdown. Nancy Palosi will not compromise and President Trump will not budge - a classic stalemate!

So what does that mean for taxpayers? Those that will owe taxes when they file should not be affected according to IRS. The IRS states that as long as payments are sent in through EFT (electronic means), these payments will process without delays.

What about the refunds? Well, according to IRS, refunds will be processed in the order received starting January 28, 2019 for individuals. However, to all of the Kamiah, Kooskia, Stites, Harpster, Clearwater, Orofino, Cottonwood, and Nezperce area residents, make sure that you file electronically with Direct Deposit option selected for your refunds. Why? Simply because most of the processing will be done automatically with little human intervention. That is also the reason why you should make sure to input your driver’s license information so the IRS can verify your identify. Just remember, if you are flagged by their computers because your identity could not be verified then your refund will be delayed.

If you paper file your return, then expect delays in your refunds.

With the changes that took effect beginning January 2018, don’t let computer software prepare your taxes for you. Give us a call today to find out how you can put more money in your pocket this tax season. We have a promotion that is running till the end of February of this year. File with us and get a chance to file for FREE. And, at the end of the tax season, you may have a chance to WIN $500. If you file with us and don’t win a free return, you’ll still get a chance to win $500 at the end. Give us a call for more information at 208-935-1040 or stop by our office located behind Arnzen’s Drug 613 4th Street, Kamiah. See you there!

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