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Helping You Build The Foundation For A Successful Business

Business Classification Services in Kamiah, ID

Idaho Tax Accountant & Bookkeeper

Business formulation is a process that goes beyond the simple paperwork. There are a lot of variables that need to be considered before choosing a structure for your business. Tax liability, tax impact, investment and financing, company management, stakeholder relationships, and a myriad of other issues relevant to your unique situation, all impact the final choice. Our business formation expert at Vilensky & Company LLC will work closely with you to determine which business entity is right for your situation, make sure it is properly set up, and stakeholder agreements are fully documented. 

We have helped many clients navigate the elements of starting a business including the formation process, drafting and reviewing contracts, licensing, management, employment issues, commercial leases, and much more. When you hire Vilensky & Company LLC, you gain access to a trusted, experienced professional for strategic advice and representation.

Give us a call at (208) 935-1040 and find out how our services can help you or schedule a consultation.

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